Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Plan B

Last Thursday I chose not to go steelhead fishing, leave the crowds behind, and explore new trout water.

The day started off rather ominous with fog so thick that I had to pull over for an hour to wait for sunrise. The first lake that I chose to explore fishes really well in the spring, but as I found out becomes a weedy mess later in the year. After killing a couple hours at the first lake, I made my way to the second lake on my list that some friends had fished a week earlier with some phenomenal results.

Luckily for me the fish were still willing, so willing in fact that it was hard to go 5 minutes without hooking one. The lakes of Eastern Washington are fertile trout factories that when managed properly can produce some dam fine trout. Scuds, snails, mayflies, chironomids, baitfish, water boatman, hoppers, lizards and snakes are all the menu creating some fatties, which you'll see in my poorly edited YouTube video. Enjoy!

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